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What makes EPAS Ltd and GreaseShield Different?

  Discover the Full GreaseShield Range   FilterShield effective at dealing with solid waste FilterShield effective at dealing with solid waste   The Deli and Cater Pro Range  

GreaseShield ® - Protects the environment whilst harvesting a source of renewable energy. A range of user friendly, pro-active, fully automated mechanical GreaseShields which separate and remove food solids and fats, oils and greases. GreaseShield™ prevents blockages in drains and protects pumping stations whilst significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. The recurring need to pump grease traps and refill with clean water is eliminated as is the use of biological agents, enzymes and chemicals. Frequent pumping costs are eliminated.

  FilterShield ® - Eliminates the malodorous problems associated with sediment traps. The FilterShield™ separates solid contaminants, such as food waste at pre rinse sinks, starch and batter waste from fish & chip premises, coffee grinds and other flushable waste products. It is a low cost solution for all pot sinks, vegetable, meat and fish preparation sink units, potato rumblers etc.   The Deli and Cater Pro Range - Combining the essential needs of kitchen sanitary hygiene with drainage protection, the range incorporates a “plug and play” series of 304 stainless steel sinks and preparation units. Pre-wired and pre-plumbed, on site electrical and plumbing installation costs are reduced and the job of deep cleaning, behind and under stainless steel sink and preparation units is made easy.  
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  FlexiPlumb - A range of DIY plumbing fittings that permit connections between differing diameter drainage pipes and provides for flexibility and misalignments whilst achieving cost savings associated with not having to call plumbers out.   Genie H2O – A range of instant hot water heaters designed for supplying hot water when and where it is needed.   Testimonials – Click above to view Customer Testimonials.  

Environmental Products and Services Ltd., (EPAS) a Northern Ireland Company, started working on a solution to the problem of FOGs back in 1998. Fifteen years later, and having accumulated 18 International Awards in the last 7 years including  the ultimate honour of being nominated as a Winner of the Kitchen Innovations Award at the 2014 National Restaurant Association in Chicago.
EPAS is launching the Globally Certified GreaseShield in the USA.


A total of 21 GreaseShield products have been certified to the Plumbing and Drainage Institute Standard: PDI-G-101, the Canadian CSA B481 Standard, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, - ASME A112 14 3-2000 Standards: Underwriters Laboratory – UL Safety Standards and the European Low Voltage and Machinery Directives.

The Standards

  • ASME A112.14.3-2000 Testing of Grease Interceptors,
  • ASME A112.14.4-2001 Grease Removal Devices,
  • CSA B481.0-2012 Testing of Grease Interceptors,
  • CSA B481.1-2012 Testing and Rating of Grease Interceptors using Lard,
  • CSA B481.5-2012 Testing and Rating of Grease Interceptors Equipped with a Grease Removal Device
  • PDI G 101
  • UL Approved File No: E361705,
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and
  • EMC directive 2004/108/EC.

EPAS operates an integrated management system with the emphasis on continuous improvements and innovation having objectives of zero non-conformances with respect to all issues affecting Quality, the Environment and Health & Safety of its staff and the staff of our customers.

The GreaseShield product range represents innovative engineering solutions to the problems of FOGs delivering:-

Functionality – The products “do what they say on the tin” delivering effluent having a discharge strength effluent of < 100 ppm. Tests carried out over a period of some 3 years in various FSEs (Food Service Establishments) have shown an average effluent strength of 42 ppm.  Even more impressive results have been recorded when testing the effluent from convection and combi-steam ovens used for cooking chickens and pork.


Cost Savings – Operational costs associated with pumping greasetraps and kitchen downtime are avoided as are civil engineering costs associated with installation of passive traps and indeed the costs associated with drain blockages, including jetting expenses and the need to excavate soak ways and remediation of contaminated soil.  Noncompliance costs and fines can be eliminated.

Revenue Generation – Harvesting renewable energy resources in the form of high calorific FOGs presents the potential for converting negative value wastes into a valuable income stream.

Protection of the Environment - Safeguard drainage systems and water courses whilst eliminating operational problems and saving money.


How Does The GreaseShield Work?

GreaseShield protects drainage systems and harvests renewable energy resources by using waste thermal energy to remove emulsified FOGs before they solidify, additionally removing and dewatering organic waste eliminating anaerobic foul smelling conditions, providing a complete solution to the issues of drainage protection both internally and externally.

Solid organic food wastes are removed from the GreaseShield so as to prevent biological degradation and anaerobic conditions developing.

Effluent is made to work over twice the length of the GreaseShield unit.

The effluent flow direction is reversed.

A series of co-operating baffles working in conjunction with the reverse flow help to prevent the discharge of emulsified FOGs. 

Clean grey effluent is taken and recirculated to assist in the internal cleaning of the GreaseShield and to prevent dairy or floaty wastes sitting and biodegrading n water at a temperature of typically 35 to 40 Celsius.
FOG removal efficiency is significantly increased by the recirculation effect.


The FOG removal means comprises an oleophilic and hydrophobic roller which attracts FOGs and repels water. No maintenance is required but if the FOG roller is touched by hands then it must be cleaned down with a clean damp cloth impregnated with detergent.
The FOG roller is wiped by a long lasting silicone rubber blade with anti-friction properties to prevent static build-up.

The FOG cartridge is graduated to enable a record to be maintained of how much FOG is being removed daily.  A daily maintenance log is provided with each GreaseShield.

The FOG cartridge and pre-filter or solids cartridge or FilterShield or in-line cartridges should be emptied and washed daily.  A spray hose is supplied to assist kitchen staff to carry out daily maintenance.

All GreaseShields are controlled by a PLC allowing the units to work 24 / 7. GreaseShield works while the kitchen is working! The standard operating program calls for the FOG removal means to pulse on for 5 minutes and off for 5 minutes from 07.00am in the morning to 2.30am the following morning but can be set to work 24 / 7.

The recirculation feature activates for 10 seconds in every 90 seconds during FOG roller operation.

FOGs in the low level units are detected by electronic sensors and a safeguard is in place to prevent coagulation of saturated fats before the grease solidifies.

LED lights indicate visually Mains power to the GreaseShield unit. (Unit must be connected to a an IP 56 outlet power socket located below counter and solely for use for the GreaseShield).

FOG removal is indicated by an LED illuminating and the third LED indicates the recirculation function and transfer of FOGs from the low level tank.

GreaseShield is extremely economic using as little as 15 watts per hour.  Typical consumption for the low level Grease Shields is 22 watts per hour and for the AST range is typically 47 watts per hour.

AutoCAD and 3 D Revit drawings are available to kitchen designers.

Revit Drawings Available on Request

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