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  Customer Support Team  

How We Can Help!

  1. Continuous innovation and new products to assist your business to grow profitably.
  2. The best grease management system in the world!
  3. The only testing facility in the world to test Grease Management / Interceptor devices to the North American and European standards. We welcome visitors by appointment.
  4. Technical support team to assist you with reviewing drawings and making recommendations.
  5. In-house training of your sales staff and service technicians.
  6. Dedicated technical and personnel support sales support.
  7. Road show support.
  8. Training videos.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

  • Less energy consumption - Lower environmental burden
  • Cost reductions in the treatment of Sludge allied to revenue generation
  • Harvesting renewable energy using Best Available Technology (BAT)
  • Creating profitable assets from pollution liabilities
  • Reduction in sewer maintenance costs
  Fats Oils and Grease / Fatberg  

Customer Service Team

  • All EPAS Customer Service Staff are trained and certified in respect of the maintenance of GreaseShield equipment.
  • All EPAS Customer Service Staff are trained and certified in respect of the Site Surveys and preparation of Hydraulic Computations.
  • All EPAS Customer Service Staff are certified in Food Safety Level 2.
  • Our Installation Teams comprise one qualified plumber and one qualified electrician.
  • All EPAS Customer Service Staff have received Manual Handling training.
  • All EPAS Customer Service Staff have received COSHH training.
  • The majority of EPAS Customer Service Staff are certified to operate forklifts and hydraulic scissor lifts.
  • The Company ensures employees are CSCS Certified (Construction Skills Certification Scheme).

Site Surveys

EPAS - EPAS and its authorised agents and distributors, offer free on-line technical support and advice subject to AutoCAD or SolidWorks drawings complete with number legend annotations. On-site surveys and installations are available at a modest cost and on completion staff training is provided ensuring the full protection of the product warranties.

FSEs should benefit from detailed site surveys to establish the hydraulic flows and identify the contaminant sources to enable correctly sized and specified solutions to be installed that will meet discharge requirements and provide a cost effective solution.

The objective should be to provide a solution to the FOG problem, saving operators’ money whilst harvesting a valuable renewable energy resource which has an increasing market value, thus protecting the environment, helping to contribute towards meeting our collective corporate social responsibilities.




Installations are to be carried out by a Trained EPAS Engineer only.

Customer on-site training will be given to ensure the unit is cleaned and maintained.



Daily Maintenance

  • Emptying and Cleaning the Collection Container Daily
  • Cleaning the Wiper Blade using Hot Soapy Water
  • Emptying and Cleaning the PreFiltration Collection Basket Daily (Depending on Model)
  • Emptying and Cleaning the Solids Waste Container Daily (Depending on Model)
  • Emptying and Cleaning Inlet Filtration Cylinder Daily (Depending on Model)
  • Completion of Daily Maintenance Checklist and Solid Waste and FOG Removal Waste to be Recorded Each Day.

Benefits of Sheduled Mainenance Contracts

  • Eliminate FOG Related Drain Blockages
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues
  • Harvest Sources Of Renewable Energy
  • Help To Produce Biogas and Biodiesel
  • Avoid The Risk Of Prosecution and Fines
  • Reduce Maintenance and Pump-Out Costs of Pump Stations and WWT Plants.
  • Make a Positive Contribution To CSR Objectives
  • Contribute To A Sustainable Working Environment



Customer Satisfaction Reports

Customer Satisfaction Constantly Monitored and Recorded for Analysis.

  Customer Satisfaction Report  
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